Secure payment

In order to guarantee the security of your payments with Shop, we chose BrainTree and PayPal System as our secure payment gateway. PayPal System is the secure payment solution for payments over the Internet of PayPal Services while BrainTree is a PayPal gateway to accept debit and credit cards.

Both systems are very high secure payment well recognized over the world.

PayPal System makes your credit card data safe. Paybox naturally holds Visa and MasterCard PCI-DSS programme accreditation.
The various audits carried out have confirmed that Paypal Services applies a high level of security and integrity supplemented by sustained technology development monitoring, in order to maintain the infrastructure of its double platform.

The PCI-DSS programme imposes security standards defined by Visa, MasterCard, the Groupement CB, American Express and a large number of payment systems.

This seal is your guarantee of who we are, and that we use the SSL standard to secure your Internet connections.

No one has access to buyers' bank card details, in either electronic or printed form.

The buyer is protected.

Check that you are in secure mode when you pay on line.

In secure mode, a closed padlock is displayed at the bottom of the browser window.

Paiements sécurisés - cadenas


The beginning of the site address http://www shown at the top of the screen changes to https://www - the "s" following "http" indicates that the communication is protected.

 If the padlock is not displayed?

The padlock may not be shown because the payment page is displayed in a frame, or because certain elements such as images are not secured. This does not prevent processing in encrypted mode, as the main page is still secured. Check by doing a "right click / properties".


Should you want to know more about PayPal, don’t hesitate to visit their Website or

In case you occur problems during the payment of an order, or should you have other questions  just drop us an email to . Our motivated team is looking forward to help you!